Dear Society, Love is Love

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


Dear Society,

The issue of same-sex marriage is finally at our doorstep. LGBTQIA+ activists have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. If men and women can marry, why should same-sex partners be denied civil union? Here are some argumentative logics against the most common reasons heard in opposition of the petition.

● ' Par beta they can't have kids'

Okay, Seema aunty the ultimate goal of marriage isn't kids.

It is companionship. You may be curious, but this is a very personal question. Besides, there are SO MANY options nowadays such as adoption.

‘It's against nature’

Every pot has a lid. And it can be just another pot.

Ganna's research revealed there are a number of genetic variations that can influence sexual behavior. And you know what's against nature? Stealing, cheating and murder.

‘It's just a phase’

Is your ignorance just a phase?

It's not just a liking or fanaticism over a toy that fades out. People know their sexual orientations for a long time. Most are just afraid to come out of the closet and if they do, respect their choices.

PS. The moon has phases, not us.

‘They just want attention’

Did you really just say that?

To gain attention for having a different sexual orientation than the 'usual norms' is the last thing a person would want on this homophobic planet (believe me). No, LGBTQIA+ people don't do it for attention. They do it for their own peace and existence and for some liberation.

‘Bhai pronouns hi toh hai’

Dumb or dumber, they are just words right?

Whether or not these assumptions are correct, the very act of making an assumption can send a potentially harmful message -- that people have to look a certain way to demonstrate the gender that they are or are not.

‘Yeh sab na is a mental disease’

Your mentality is a mental condition.

People don't even consider mental illness a legitimate illness and they talk about being gay a mental condition.

*Packs bags and leaves for Venus*


Author ~ Anubhi Srivastava Editor ~ Akanksha Makhija

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