Dear Time

Dear Time, please stop

You run all the time, take rest not

O Time, please stop.

Haunting screeches sound from the ICU

A photographer begs to the fleeting view

I pray to the scented breeze blowing past

I wish so, on the day of school last

Dear Time, please stop.

Time is cursed,

Just when does the innocence crack

Isn’t it the clock that makes the baby lie back?

When graduates throw in the air their caps, do they feel only pride?

Why do Maa’s hands shake when she fixes the veil on her little bride?

Dear Time, please stop.

The ECG machine shows a straight line - man becomes no longer bound

But at the other end of the same line, a new cry somewhere does sound.

Dear Time, you run all the time, take rest not

But give it a thought - should time really stop?

Author: Shashmita Sanyal

Editor: Grace Mathew

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