TW – dark and negative thoughts.

We have never been able to give a clear and definite answer to this five-letter word. Some say it is the gateway to heaven or hell, depending upon the deeds we did during our lives. Some say that it leads towards the afterlife, a term we know nothing about but hope exists. Some say that our soul is reborn after our death into another body, another life, another fetus, a baby. Some say that death is the end of someone’s existence, the full stop after a sentence, only for another to begin.

But that’s what it is, isn’t it? We can just say, but never actually know. What proof do we have to believe any of the assumptions that we make?

All of us have to go through the same path and many of us already did. The one path which we have to take, a path where you don’t get a choice to decide whether you’re brave enough to take it or not, a path which takes you somewhere you don’t know exists- or maybe nowhere.

Do these questions ever kill you?

Where does our soul (if we ever do believe we have a soul) go after our death? If we do miss the close ones who left us, is their soul still alive somewhere? Or is it just their past existence which reminds us of them?

Were we to rely on the first saying of heaven or hell, would we not all go to hell? Or are we to make ourselves believe that our souls are “clean enough” to go to heaven? We might never know. What if there was an afterlife? But do any of us think that this unknown place of afterlife has the power to hold countless dead? And if our souls are just reborn in the bodies of babies, then aren’t we just the same souls that our ancestors were? It would be as if we never had our own identity, just a body vessel to carry someone else’s.

And if death was the end of our existence, a most suitable answer for a question whose answer can only be assumed, don’t you have this fear? No, not the fear of death but rather the fear of what will follow. Don’t you have this fear that all of the things that you love, all the things that you live for, the principles that you follow, all the hardships and happiness that you have gone through, and all the people who were there for you, will be long forgotten? And not by them, but by you. Your “soul” would be no more? What are you to do then, when you have lost the power to think, to comprehend, to cherish, to love, to live?

All we can ever do is assume and ask questions that we know would never be answered. What meaning does death give to life? That is, assuming that we believe it does.

Author: Riya Kadu

Editor: Anousha Ambar

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