Define Feminine

"You claim to be a man and still wear feminine clothes."


The amount of times I have heard this is exhausting and also hurtful. Why are clothes still defining who we are? The clothes are made to cover a body, to bring out its beauty, for the comfort of the bearer. Clothes aren’t supposed to reflect the gender of someone.

"Well ok, but you say that you are trans but then you have a past of having the most feminine nature I have seen."

Since when does the nature of someone have a gender? Isn't nature only supposed to tell you how the person is? How can you claim nature to be feminine and masculine? Neither can body language define that nor can guessing someone’s gender based on their way of talking, walking, actions, body language, body features, and facial features

"But then how do you expect me to understand someone’s gender?"

Firstly, that isn’t needed. Secondly, ask them if it is needed and tell them that you don’t want to disrespect them. Thirdly, your curiosity should never compromise their comfort, make sure they are comfortable with telling you.

For all my trans male beauties: next time someone tells you, you look feminine, just say “Define Feminine.”

For all my trans female sunflowers: next time someone tells you, you aren’t feminine, just say “Define Feminine, I’m feminine.”

Author: Avik Saini

Editor: Chinmai Gokule

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