Desi Spirit

Dancing to Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

Vibing to Kolaveri D

Crying to Dua

And going crazy to Mauja Hi Mauja

That's the Desi Spirit

Yaar, there are some songs without which life would not be as awesome. I am grateful for all the magnificent songs that Bollywood gave us.

Songs like:


Ishq risk

Ajab si

Kal ho na ho

Rock on, Senorita

Taal se taal

Dil toh baccha hai Ji

Chhaiyya Chhaiyya


Khuda jaane


I hate luv storys

Genda phool

Haule haule


Tumse milke Dil ka

All is well

Dildaara (stand by me)

Char kadam…

The list goes on!

These songs have such an effect on my heart. Udi Udi Jaye makes me smile so much. And when times are frustrating and hard, Pareshaan hits too close to home! The way they make me feel, and all the emotions they carry is... beyond words.

And the instruments?! Tablas, Dholaks, Sitara, Bansuris, dumroos, Veena, Shehnai, even mud pots! When played together by masters of the craft, make the most magical arrangements of sounds I've ever heard! Even simple beats carry so much variety and potential!

Let's not forget the old goldies!

Yeh Mera deewanapan hai

Pyaar hua iqrar hua

Na tum hamen jaano

Isharo isharo me dil lene wale

Ajib dastan hai yeh

Maine poocha Chand se

Khoya khoya Chand

Raina beete jaye

And my all-time favourite : Ki si ki muskurahaton se

Such legendary voices! And such tasteful musicality! I discovered my love for these gems when I'd play old songs on our TV for my grandma. I have fallen in love ever since, and I regret all the years of my life that I didn't know these songs.

The Indian culture is so vast and different and so fascinating! I love to hear the riches of our country in the melodies and rhythms and languages. I hope that I keep discovering more soul-melting songs, so that I can understand and find more glories of our Bharat Mahan!

(To Lata Mangeshkar :

You have, are and will always be an Immortal spirit for India and for the world. You will live on in our hearts. Your voice is the melody most of us grew up listening to. You will never die, because Music is Life, and you instilled that to the point of eternity. Thankyou)

Author: Iffah Peerzada

Editor: Alekhya Gahilot

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