Sometimes, do you ever look at two people and think… they were meant to be together. You see two people so perfect for each other that their imperfections balance the other out. They just...belong. Sometimes, do you wonder if you’d ever get to experience that? Ever just find that elusive other half that knows you and understands you and just simply loves you for all that you are?

They say love will find you when you’re least looking for it. But doesn't that sound inconvenient at the least and heartbreaking at worst? Shouldn't love find you when you're seeking it actively and dreaming about it relentlessly? I don't think I understand it.

Am I destined to live my life as a lone wolf, the side character to everyone's main character story, being the supportive friend on the sidelines but never really being seen? It sounds self-centred, I know. But was it destiny that decided that I would always be delegated to second place, second choice, the overlooked option, or is it just my inability to never be good enough? I suppose I have to stop blaming destiny at some point and accept that it’s my actions and personality that are the root of this.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow. Isn’t it convenient to simply blame it on an external force rather than realize our own deeply flawed approaches to life? I suppose it helps to keep that shield up, to tell yourself that it’s not completely your fault. It’s also a coward’s excuse, and maybe I should stop complaining about how Fate doesn’t seem to have anything good in store for me, and decide to leave nothing to circumstance. That way, I'll only have myself to blame if it all goes wrong. And that's easy, because playing the blame game with myself is second nature by now.

Destiny is seen as this magical, wonderful, mysteriously eloquent term. But what if you were destined to never be good enough?

Author: Ananya Chaure

Editor: Akanksha Makhija

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