You lead them into dangers and flame

They rise back up and start again.

They call themselves the superior ones,

Whether they are soldiers, workers or nuns.

You say that you are the force they use,

To brave dangers, yet I am confused.

Why do you give them the power to see

Their oh so bright and amazing destiny

While I sit here, withering away

Staying in my bed, even during the day.

The petals fly by in front of my house

Like a rain of fragrance, the path they douse.

For others who are brave enough to see

Their oh so bright and amazing destiny.

Yet here I am, distraught with despair

For at least ten whole weeks I have not even moved a hair

Sitting here and waiting to see

My probably bright and amazing destiny.

I woke up today and looked at the sun

Still rising above all and yet above none

With newfound strength, I moved off my post,

Wanting to make of today its most

I realised that lamenting does minimum

But make all of your hard work undone

I understood that its only the little things done by you and me,

Which enables us to see

Our oh so bright and amazing destiny.

Author: Aditya Iyengar

Editor: Khushi Bansal

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