Destiny Under Chaos

I was just chilling, enjoying the view of New York City from the window of my apartment. Someone knocked on the door. I opened it and saw Sam standing outside.

“Hey Sam, you’re here? What happened?” I asked casually.

“He is back.” He said in a serious tone.

“Who?” It couldn’t be Sinus. I was sure. He was wrong. But he was talking about Sinus! I was completely disturbed. Professor said that I was meant to kill him. I had killed him! With my own hands! How could he come back to life? It was impossible! As these thoughts raced through my mind, Sam attacked me. His eyes glowed red and he looked like a devil.

A devil named Sinus.

He tried to stab me! I soon realised that Sam was being controlled by Sinus. While I defended myself, Sam/Sinus fell down from the window. I looked down to see him lying in a pool of blood. He was dead. Just as I saw this, something flashed in my eyes and I woke up from my dream.

It was 4:35 am. I didn’t dare go back to sleep. I needed to be alert. I went to the kitchen and opened the door of my fridge. The door separated from its hinges and I found myself holding the door in my hand. This wasn’t new for me. I made coffee and sat on a chair, thinking about my dream. Lost in my thoughts, I glanced at my wall clock. The time was 8:14 am. I sat thinking about this for almost four hours! I had had enough, so to distract myself, I went to the window and reenacted my dream. Someone knocked on the door. I opened it and I was stunned. It was Sam! I invited him in and the events from my dream unfolded into reality. He attacked me. But, this time, I was ready. As I attacked him, he turned into ice and disintegrated. My uncontrollable powers had killed him. I had many questions in my mind, but I knew where I could find the answers I wanted.

I reached Professor's castle and saw him faint in the front yard. I took him inside and sprinkled some water on his face. A few minutes later, he started regaining consciousness. As he woke up, I started asking him all my questions. He calmed me down and said, “Now my powers are gone, as Destino is dead.” Professor used to soak his powers from ‘The Ultimate Destiny’ a.k.a. Destino. I was stunned after listening to this. When we killed Sinus, he went to the ‘End World’. Destino was the ruler of the End World. But when Sinus went there, he killed Destino. So now the future is unpredictable. We can’t determine it.

So Destiny is now under chaos.

Author: Aakash Dandekar

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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