Did We Say Forever?

“Do you love me?”

Or is it just a phase?

Now you may not see,

But our love sets my heart ablaze.”

And on your couch, we heard these lines

And on your couch, we did realize

What true love truly means

What forever does in reality seem

And eternal promises we then made

But like those stories, our love did fade.

On the couch, we did see

The true love of Dean and Lorelai

And Blair and Chuck, and Serena and Nate

And Nick and Sabrina, and June and Nick

And Barney and Robin, and not to forget

Arizona and Calliope, and Lexie and Mark

And the most beautiful of them all,

Derek and Meredith, the McDreamys, our ‘MerDer’

We watched betrayal and death, and grief and pain

Break them and make them fall apart.

Oh how we pitied them and

How their love did sink

We wouldn’t go down that way,

For ours was a love that could

Weather the storms at sea.

The endless conversations at the dinner table,

Constant reassurances

Weightless promises of forever,

Have faded into havoc

In the back of my subconscious.

The cracks on the floor we did neglect

What was once love was soon pretentious,

For even the mighty Titanic did wreck.

Authors: VR Kapse and Manaswi Priya

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