Diminishing Meanings

As the snow fell ,

Among the warmth of the beans I cared,

I looked at the English sheets my cousin had.

Remember that Opposites one?

Exactly. Exactly that.

"Write the opposites of the given words"

1. Sadness,

2. Anger..

And I stared out in a daze,

I couldn’t help but think

What do opposites actually mean?

What's the opposite of sadness?


Or just a simple epiphany of presence?

What's the opposite of anger?


Or just a simple deep breath?

What's the opposite of tragedy?


Or just nothing good ever being changed.

Looking back,

You were walking down the road,

It paved into two paths,

And you chose happiness instead of sadness,

Pleasure over rage,

Love over tragedy.

But is it that simple?

Those one worded emotions, signify dimensions we face all over and over again,

Maybe, no,

Happiness isn't the alternate of sadness,

Neither is pleasure, the alternate of rage,

Nor is love, the alternate of tragedy.

The only alternate is you.

You choose what your alternate is.

Maybe yes, it is love, maybe it's just a simple memory you smile or cry at, and brush off.

Ironically, the only constant and the only one responsible for the Alternate is


Author: Abhinav Bhadri

Editor: Ishwari

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