“This is all strange and scary. I have never been anywhere near this place…I hear the wind occasionally howl past me. It feels like it wants me to hurry, to run. But…why? Why should I run? Why am I following the wind? Maybe…I will find life, if I listen to it. The wind seems like a being I can trust. It always tells me when it is going to rain or when the warmth of the big light will arrive. If it wants me to go North, I will go North.”

North was where the wind was pushing them towards. Clinging their satchel, they walked through terrain they had never been through before. Something about this made them uneasy. The grass with the flowing water of the river was their place. It was their own place. Somewhere they could always go to and find the comfort of familiarity. Although now the grass they were walking on was not theirs, they were seeing trees and sticks and green sticks that they had not seen before. They knew they were alone here but right now…they were very unsure if that was true.

While walking across the plains they came across something odd. Very, very odd. It was hanging off of a tree, which had a peculiar type of coloured leaves that the being had seen before. There were more than usual too, they had only seen a couple of them only on one tree. This one was almost completely covered with them!

The thing hanging off the tree was red, as they had come to learn. When they touched it, it felt like their fingers would slip off if they held it for too long. They pulled at it but it was firmly stuck to the stick of the tree. They kept pulling and pulling until the red thing finally snapped itself off of the stick and they were holding it in their hand. They sniffed it, licked it, and put their ear up against it. The final thing was to try and eat it, and so they did.

They stopped in the middle of their bite, gasped and looked at the red thing that had fallen down on the ground.

“Water…inside of it but water is…new…tastes…better than carrot….tastes…so…great!!”

They picked it up and bit into it more until it was finished. They wanted to name it but what should they name it? Should they even name it? Wait, why were their thoughts so loud? Why are they flying past them? They…they wanna run! Jump! Scream!

“AAAAAAA-ple- pfftt pffft-”

They were not particularly naming anything or trying to finish a thought. All they felt was a burst of excitement and only wanted to let it out. They kept screaming “AAAAA-PLE, AAAAAALE, AAAAACKEP, AAAAPPLE”


As they screamed in joy they had unknowingly named the red thing, ‘apple’. They beamed with joy as they sprinted across the fields with the new found energy they had gotten from this new heavenly ‘apple’. They plucked off grass and slammed their limbs unknowingly on trees and rocks as they ran and ran, in no particular direction.

The winds blew at them, trying to make them go north but they had no intention of listening to the wind right now. They’d run and jump and slam and fall and tumble of their own accord and so they did.

Their journey started off very abruptly. There was no known reason as to why the wind told them to go north or why they saw a mountain while they slept or why the wind was so eager to make them go north. Just as abrupt as them finding the ‘apple’.

Things happen for a reason. The purpose that the wind has for them is…just unknown for now.

The apple? Well, some things don’t need a reason to happen either. They just occur and make us feel an emotion. Whether it has a purpose or not, it is up to us to decide.

Author: Aditya Iyengar

Editor: Achala Athreya

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