In the past 10 days I've surveyed 15 people regarding their views about destiny. The results of this survey got me thinking. Some people credit all of their success to destiny, while some people don't give any credit at all, and we see that some say that they give partial credit and some have no say in this matter.

The people that believe in destiny say that everything was meant to happen and has already been written. In their defense, they say that if destiny wasn’t a thing, why would coincidences take place?

The people who don't believe in destiny say that wherever they are in life right now is because of their hard-work and will to achieve their goals. In their defense, they say that if destiny was a thing, nobody would be working hard and everyone would just be waiting for “their luck to shine”.

The people who give partial credit say that they work hard for what they achieve but some instances just can't be explained without assuming that destiny exists. I personally belong to this group.

People remaining neutral want to stay away from arguments about whether destiny exists or not and so don't disclose their perspective.

My observations from this survey have led to me saying that everybody has their own perspectives about destiny. Some believe in it, some donʼt, some partially do and some remain neutral.

Author: Danya

Editor: Alekya Gahilot

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