Do you ever?

Do you ever look at a photo

And just think…

You just get lost in the past,

In the memory of the time.

It's like you time travel.

Do you ever listen to a song,

A random song played on a radio

And you just jump,

Back into the time and space of it,

Having a nostalgic feeling.

Do you ever get a faint smell of cologne while walking around,

And get all excited,

Thinking that the person is there.

And when they’re not, your heart skips a beat

A happy one with a smile.

Do you ever pass through a hangout spot,

And all those stupid talks and old images,

Come running to you in your mind

Leaving you with glossy eyes and a few tear drops

“Oh, those days!”

There’s that pain in your stomach, those tears in your eyes,

Your heart skipping a beat,

The adrenaline pumping again,

That unbreakable smile on your face.

Author: Eshani Kashid

Editor: Abeer Tiwari

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