When I woke up that day,

The morning was bright;

I walked into the lawn,

And was met with a charming sight,

I saw her,

Standing near the trees;

Her dark brown hair

Was flowing in the breeze.

She turned towards me,

and I was awed and inspired,

After all my sister in her Army uniform,

Was someone I had always admired.

She has always been my idol,

ever since I was young,

I always felt so very proud,

when I saw saw her stand strong and tall.

"Its an emergency,

I have to go", she said;

She was going on a mission,

with the officers she led.

With a smile she turned,

and walked out of the gates,

I didn't want her to leave

and asked her to wait.

My eyes twinkled with tears,

Tears of pride and pain

The sight of her leaving,

Was something my heart couldn't bear.

"Please don't go," I cried,

"your life is at stake"

"Okay I won’t", she replied

I had heard what I wanted to hear, but then I was shaken awake.

"Talking in your sleep again? Dreaming of your sister? ",

I woke up to the worried face of my mother,

I said it was okay,

And told her not to bother.

We are trying to move on,

You should try it too;

I know your sister's never coming back,

But she'll always be with you.

She said this to make me feel better,

But I knew it was all fallacy;

How could I move on,

When my idol, my hero had ceased to just a fantasy.

Author ~ Manas Mehta Editor ~ Ishwari

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