Don't you dare

You are the shackles on my hands, the cage I put myself in. You are Fear, and I hate you. You pull me down and laugh. Sometimes you keep me safe but I never can forget all that you have cost me. There are days when I get the better of you but I can't seem to destroy you completely. But I will, so don't you dare get too cocky.

You are one of the reasons Fear gets hold of me. You are ironically immune to all feelings. You are Pain and I really don't like how you feel. And you come in all dimensions. I suppose Fear is not to blame after all, since it is just warning me about you. It is your slave, like I am. But I will not let you come between what I crave and what I live for. So don't you dare believe you are immortal.

You, I hate you the most of all because you cause me to hurt and damage the people and things I love. You are my greatest regret. You are Anger, and I wish you would go right back to Hell, where you came from. You are not bold, like Pain, until the very last moment. You creep up from behind me and mercilessly take control of me. You use me to do whatever you want and you're always destructive. Don't worry, I already have a leash just for you and I will tame you as my own. So don't you dare think you are stronger than me. You're not.

I'm not sure how to deal with you at times. You are very unpleasant but often necessary. I need to learn how to embrace you and let myself drown in you, knowing that I will be alright at the end. Just like a rock embracing the gushing waves of the ocean. You are Sorrow, and I understand you. But I still don't sympathize. I hope you know I have found ways to handle you. So don't you dare assume I will succumb to you eventually.

Author: Iffah

Editor; Achala Athreya

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