Dr. Alex Karev, I’m Disappointed in You


Dear Alex,

I hated you from the beginning. I couldn’t stand your guts, your rudeness, your unkindness and lack of empathy. You thought no end about yourself. Hope, love, and light were nothing but glorified adjectives to you. But falling in love with Izzie changed you. Slowly, you became kinder, you started showing up, you slowly started to believe actions have consequences and you began to justify everything you did. I saw you turn into a better person and a talented surgeon. Your journey from an angry man-child to the man I admire has been remarkable.

You showed up for Izzie even when it consumed you, and it almost broke you. I was proud to see that the light in you never faded even when she left.

I was sure that fate had someone better in store for you and she did. Life brought you Dr. Robbins- the woman who shaped you. She made you resilient, taught you to advocate for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves. And then came Jo Wilson, she made you kinder, she taught you how to be selfless and she became selfless for you. She helped you through your anger issues and held your hand even when you didn't feel like yourself. She was always there. But why weren’t you there for her?

The day you left, she bid you goodbye, she was happy, hopeful and chirpy. She was so proud of you. Days passed by not a single voice note from you on her phone. She began getting anxious. The anxiety built up until the day she found your letter. I saw her startled expression, the pain that oozed from her eyes. Of course, you knew how much this would hurt her, how much your love confession would make her hate herself for still loving you. Leaving her was cruel. How could you leave someone hanging the way Izzie left you? Jo deserved the courtesy of receiving the divorce papers from your hand.

Your actions made me sad, no one will understand this state of confusion that you put me in. So who better to confess my feelings to than you?

Jo may have healed from it, but I never will. You may have written her a letter, but what about me, how did you expect me to understand that you leaving for Izzie’s love was alright?


The girl who thought you would stay.

Author: Priyanka Vaswani

Editor: Achala Athreya

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