Dreams of Nowhere

Toffee houses and chocolate fountains greet me as I slowly open my eyes.

There are candy canes dripping and melting all along a path that leads to

Nowhere. Nowhere is a pretty place, with pretty dreams.

The cobbled paths are littered with blue candy pops and purple soda fountains.

My eyes can't seem to focus, however I can see that the lights are made of golden wrapped molasses while the houses have dark chocolate tops.

As I flit across the green lawns, I swear I can feel vanilla frosting drip along my ankles.

My body is swirling in a pink hue and I'm slowly losing consciousness.

When my eyes open I'm in my room again.

Bare white walls and no chocolates anywhere to be seen.

There are no fountains and no candies. Just the IV drip-dripping into my


I'm struck with the harshest sense of nostalgia as I pick up my paintbrush.

I first paint Nowhere.

Author: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Alekhya Gahilot

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