Dreams of the Past & Future

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Week 23 is when most of us start dreaming, and if not then, then as infants we dream about our life as a foetus in the womb. This has been cited to be a possible reason for sudden infant death syndrome.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when a baby unexpectedly dies in sleep within a year itself. It has been found that the memories of infants are largely dominated by their foetal experiences, and therefore they also rule their dreams as well. As foetuses, we don't breathe like we normally do. Later, babies try to mimic all that they did when in the womb as a foetus as part of their dreams, resulting in their untimely death.

It's culturally assumed that we dream of our future, yet so many of us dream of the past- both in the literal & figurative state. I guess it's less about culture and more about what is maybe more right for us. Moving forward instead of being stuck in the past.

Yet, don't we dream of being what we were once?

Some adults dream of going back to their childhood. Others don't want their childhood back, but want the child in them to be back.

Some want past friendships and relationships. Some want their old body back. We are all, in some aspect of life, hoping things will go back to how they were.

In self-introspection, I always wonder if I want the old situation back or the older version of myself who faced that situation to be back. It's somewhat of a reflection of seeing others in a relationship: they might think they want the person back, yet what they want is actually what they had once that they have lost now. Because people change, and the person you lost no longer exists anymore.

Yet dreams are more about the future. I think they should be. It's more practical, of course, but it's also more affordable. You can dream of making something happen. Dreaming of the future gives you hope. False hope, but hope. I think I can afford to have some hope, but affording nostalgia is tough.

So I am wondering, where are you stuck in the past, and do you plan on moving to the future there any time soon?

Author: Shriya Simran Pradhan

Editor: Ariv Patankar

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