Earth and beyond

From your soil we are born, O mother!

It is your very soil that nourishes us,

Your soil nurtures us, comforts and cares for us.

Far beyond mere physical dimensions you are,

The power to give birth you have.

From mountains and gorges,

To plateaus and plains;

O mother! Your bounty is indescribable.

From the rivers that flow through your valleys,

To the trees that rest in your forests;

Indebted we are for your countless boons.

From tending to the blooming buds,

To rising of the majestic hills;

It is the play of your very land.

It is you who makes the fragrant earth,

It is your beauty that lets us rejoice.

O omnipresent being!

You feed us from your crops,

You caress us in your lap.

For we arise from you

And we shall dissolve in you;

Mother, you are the source of every life.

For everything alive rests on you, sacred mother

And all of life's secrets lie in your very soil.

For everything alive rests on you,

If you will cease, we shall cease too.

Writer: Amrita Pillai

Editor: Abeer Tiwari

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