Elements of life

“Oh! Sam, stop watching T.V. You have been watching it since morning, from the time I left for office. Ugh! Sam!”

“Dad! Stop scolding me, let me watch the sitcom. Wait- Dad, dad are you okay?” I exclaimed.

“That night I slept in front of the T.V. I didn’t realise that he was dead. His property was worth a million dollars.Thus, after his death I had everything: money, property. But there was one thing I couldn’t have- a family. I needed a family, god I wished for a family.

I was frustrated, I attempted suicide, not once but many times. That’s when I met your mom in the hospital, she was a junior doctor. We fell in love with each other. After a big struggle, we got married. After a year, we were going to have you. I thought at last, god granted my wish. I was going to have a family. But, maybe I didn’t deserve to have a family. She died after your birth. After a year, you will come to know that I have TB and I will die in a month. I needed to send you to an orphanage. I hope you know, I am spending my remaining days on a bed, thinking about you. Family is the most important element of life. I don’t know how much you will remember me my son, but, know that I love you. My son, I know you will feel lonely. But don’t lose hope, I am always with you.”

Sam’s son finished reading the letter. He softly said, “I know you love me father, and I agree with you, family is an important element of life. And I don’t have it. You had money, but I don’t have it. But I will leave till my destiny drives me to my end.”

Writer: Aakash Dandekar

Editor: Sanya Chadha

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