Like a tap it opens

Like a river it ebbs and flows

To the beat of a drum heard inside the body of a woman who is blank.

A blank canvas, pure white.

Then rushes in the red.

Madness, pure madness

And a trickle of desperation;

And suddenly you hear blue.

You taste industry coal in your mouth and your mind goes blank.

Are you upset ?

Ah, and of course, there she is with her love and passion and sheer beauty,

"Bring me the champagne honey!"

It is terrifying, isn't it?

When you see that one boy at the airport with his tousled hair and sleepy eyes,

The girl with the fading green hair and a septum piercing,

Them with their smudged makeup and those dangling earrings?

It's terrifying the way they make you feel.

You wish you could control it and yet it's evident you can't.

But it's okay, human child,

You are a product of humanity.

You breathe humanity. And empathy. And love. And joy. And sadness. And anger. So much anger.

But here you are,

Crying tears of molten gold,

Mixed with silver flakes of agony.

When you giggle, they all stop to stare,

Because you don't know,

You do not know,

You have constellations mapped across your face.

You do.

Let yourself feel it.

And when you do,

I hope you're able to recognise what I did.

Author: Himadri Krishna

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