Endless Void

I am falling – endlessly,

I cannot see what is around me,

I can but feel,

The wind, bitter and chilly.

I can only hear

The screeching sounds in fear.

I can but smell,

The rotting odour of Hell.

I can only taste,

The air teeming with bitter haste,

I do not know how,

I can save myself now.

But as my eyes do prance,

Upon a beam of hope by chance,

They are greeted by a glimmer,

Of faith like light which does shimmer,

And I slowly then comprehend,

That I am not inching towards the end

And with a heart so steady,

I am ready to cease my destiny

To in this abyss helter-skelter pace,

For I know, I shall slip into the Lord’s warm embrace.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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