Equality: The Fight for Human Rights


In activism, one of the major topics is Feminism. It's a topic which has been stressed upon a lot. But why do we put women in such conditions?

One of the major reasons for this is that the simple biological factors between a male and a female have been exaggerated too much. When we walk on the street or when we work in a workplace or are in any other place, why should we be bothered if another person is a man or woman?

This should only matter in bathrooms and bedrooms.

One of the major reasons for this unhealthy atmosphere that has been created by ‘everyone’ is because we have been focusing too much on body parts.

Why don’t we recognize people by their intelligence, honesty, loyalty, leadership qualities, capabilities, competence etc.?

Gender is only needed for certain aspects of life, otherwise it shouldn’t even be a part of our life.

Only then there will be equality between the masculine and feminine.

Women don’t need to do what men do for equality.

We shouldn’t even fight for women’s rights or advocate for anything like that. Let’s say human rights- I think women are humans, aren’t they?

Also, to contradict whoever feels that men have always been more dominant over women: you should know that more males are behind bars, more males have suffered in wars, more number of males are homeless, more number of males starve, more than females males suffer during a heartbreak, more males die because of major health issues. Even males are exploited. The whole point here is that even males suffer.

Both the masculine and the feminine are equally important.

So let’s make sure that both the genders are considered important and equal.

And let’s advocate for human rights rather than a particular gender’s rights because both suffer.


Author ~ Hirday Lakhwani

Editor ~ Divya Agarwal

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