get your favorite snacks and get your favorite clothes

don’t even need to say your byes, we’ll be back soon

I think

take my hand, twirl me into a world of our own

hold me by my waist, me on your pretty body, adorn

before time runs out, quick!

let’s make our way

let’s make our escape

wide smiles, twinkling eyes,

stolen kisses and hidden cries

to sleep all I need is your arm

we’ll burn wood and advertisements of our names for warmth

my heart beats match yours and so do our steps

ragged breaths sound like songs

pull out my half-burnt cigarette, pull out my thongs

tell me to me you belong

and when we’re back,

when they ask, ‘where have you been?’

don’t answer, just close your eyes, picture my lips on yours and smile.

Author: Riya Pote

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