Everything is written in the stars

“Everything is written in the stars”. I refuse to believe that. The stars and the planets are changing every day and so is our “fate”. We are changing and evolving every day and so are our opinions and perspectives. Our evolving opinions influence our decisions, therefore changing our “fate”. We have the power over it, of course, if we want to. We are choosing all the time, we are making decisions all the time, most of them influenced by our subconscious mind. But who is training our subconscious mind? Exactly!

Terrifying humans by putting them in the fear of not being able to control their lives or their actions is not only destructive but also delusional. It makes them believe that they have no control over what they choose to do which might end up in them justifying doing something forbidden and reprehensible. Well, after all, everything is in the hands of “fate”.

But at the same time, challenging our belief systems and allowing ourselves to feel growth is what life is really about, right? However, challenging your beliefs upon something that is imprudent and indiscreet isn’t worth it either, right? Well, the choice is in your hands. Whether to experience something by challenging your beliefs or sticking to them and not challenging them to something extremely indiscreet, it’s up to you.

Author: Eeshpal

Editor: Prisha

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