"Facing your fears"


I know what it’s like to face terror,

I have been there too;

You're cornered against the wall,

And don't know what to do.

For some of us it's loneliness,

For others it's a big crowd.

Some are scared of silence,

Others flee when things get too loud.

Terror has many faces,

All of us face it someday,

That's the time when all you wanna do

Is run far, far away.

But fleeing isn't the right path,

You will have to fight your fear,

And if you make a run of it,

You might also leave behind what's dear.

One thing you need to remember,

If conquering your fears is really what you crave,

Is that for every part of you that's terrified,

There's also a part that's brave.


Author ~ Manas Mehta Editor ~ Nitya Binu

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