Feminism- Equality or Matriarchy?

The ideologies of feminism are misunderstood by most people. With the roots of feminism stemming from the fight against political, social, domestic, racial inequalities, discrimination and oppression among others, feminism is widely misinterpreted as the want for a matriarchy where as it has always been about equality and the need for a co-dependent society instead of a pre-dominant one. It is the advocacy of female rights on the grounds of equality. Not domination. Not favorable treatment. Equality.

This discussion will inevitably throw light on the concept of patriarchy because feminist movements rise because of the existing patriarchy. While this also tends to bend toward which gender has it harder, it is important to understand that there isn’t a competition whose prize is societal domination.

Why is there such an uproar about female rights when most men think that they aren’t doing anything to suppress the women in their lives?

To all those who think that “these feminist type” people are bullshitting their way to recognition and having their voices heard, stop thinking for a moment and hear this out. Women have been suppressed. Over the years, they have been told statements like “I allow (or don’t allow) you” or “Leave the hard work to us men” which clearly put the male gender in a position of authority and power – both physical and social (which, for your information, is not equality).

The most common questions are why. Why do women want to control us men? Why do women want to drive? Why can’t women just do what they are meant to? Well, in response, I have a few more questions. Why do men behave like they own women? Why do men not understand that women want to have as much control as they do? Why should women be stereotyped and be pushed to do something they do not even want to?

I can actually hear “Not all men” in the background.

All I have to say is, spread awareness. Things like “how bad can pregnancy be? But have you been kicked in the balls?” is insensitive. The most apt answer to that is by far, “no uterus, no opinion” as rightly said by Rachel Green in Friends. Unfortunately, we don’t have such apt answers for most other unsolicited comments. Women are treated like burdens. Women are discriminated against. But you know what? Women are fighters. Women are survivors.

You know how you can do your bit to actually come under the “Not all men” category? Be sensitive. Treat women like they ought to be treated. Like Humans. Because treating them like anything apart from that will simply be a violation of the right to be.

Author: Zoyah Virani

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