Finding Hope

I searched for you

Thinking I’ve caught you

and realize I’ve only lost.

For you’re such a good hider,

And I’m your blind seeker.

I’ve cried for you

I’ve fought for you

Still, why can’t I find you?

They tell me to fight harder

But little do they know

How loud I shout for you in silence.

I faintly remember your warmth and comfort,

Your dangerous but captivating wings.

Such a comfortable trap you are.

They say, hope is the last thing ever lost

That it’s a slow, gradual process

For there’s this hole in my chest

A lost gleam in my eyes.

Did I lose you the day I stopped dreaming? Or are you still lurking somewhere, testing me? Are these the signs?

I’m sorry.

I exploited you with unrealistic expectations and dreams that weren’t even mine

Your shadows still tease me,

Peeking through the corners

But by the time I get there

You are all gone.

Please come back again soon

Time’s bleeding out my hands.

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Himanshi Dodiya

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