Flower dreams

I wonder what flowers dream of...

More bees and butterflies?

Prettier petals?

Longer lives?

Maybe they just wish for the birds to have a nice day. Or maybe they hope that their seeds will spread far and survive. Maybe they are not well-wishers at all! Maybe they grumble whenever a hummingbird arrives and they bicker amongst themselves over who is the most beautiful.

"Oh please! You have only 42 petals, so boring! I have a brilliant 43! You know you've got to be odd to be numbered one!"

"We all know it is colour that holds the most importance, not the number of our petals! I am the most vibrant blue you will ever see! Even the sky is pale in comparison!"

"That is because you are a royal blue and the sky is....well, sky blue!"

If I was a flower, I would wish for a better world for everyone and I would be thankful for the power to cheer up other people. I would chat with butterflies and let ladybugs hang around and just sing and sway with the wind. Either that, or I would criticize every other flower for not being as perfect as me!

But alas! We will never know for sure, not yet at least. All we can do is wonder and dream…

Author: Iffah

Editor: VR Kapse

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