Flower Vases

Bonds are like vases. Artistic, beautiful, fragile. The journey of how a vase is made to when it breaks, is similar to that of bonds.

The potter takes the mud and starts spinning it on the wheel, giving it the desired shape, and within a few moments you get the pot. When you first meet someone, you start discussing basic topics, and if you suddenly click, within a short time you become good friends with them.

Then the vase is dried. You start sharing personal thoughts with them. And then it is painted. You trust them now, to have your back if required, to be there for you whenever needed.

And then you keep flowers in the vase. Keep the vase as a decoration item. It brings you happiness now. You tell them your deepest, darkest secrets now, because you aren’t scared anymore. It is a happy time to have someone this close to you.

And then, maybe due to some carelessness, the vase falls down and it breaks. Small pieces, which might never get fixed. Even if after much effort, we are able to stick the vase together, it is not the same anymore, it has cracks in it. Just how these bonds break. And then you forget all about the beautiful journey which brought you to that place. You only remember that moment when it fell and broke, when the bond was shattered into pieces, just like the vase was. Even if after much effort, you do reconnect, it's not the same. It might never be.

The flower vase, which sat in the corner of your room, bringing joy and happiness, is now dull. Artistic, beautiful, fragile. Flower vases are like brittle bonds.

Author: Anousha Ambar

Editor: Khushi Luniya

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