For her Self-Worth


Little pieces of stardust fall from her fingertips

And the scales of balance tip in her favour.

She refuses to see,

That her skin glitters like gold

That her eyes speak of beauty untold.

She refuses to listen to her heart beat

After 80 years of life

And refuses to acknowledge her worth and beauty.

All those who look at her

Fall in love

Some even worship her.

Her wisdom is attractive

And her intelligence brings many to shame.

Yet she is as humble as honeydew

After a night of starry sunsets.

My only wish


Is that she know,

What her entirety would behold

The moment she loved herself.

I only wish,

She would know those starbursts

And supernovas

Would dim in comparison

To her self-love.

I only hope she realises what I never did.


Author: Himadri Krisha

Editor: Vyomini Kapse

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