Forgotten War

Swords and shields rusted,

Armours broken down,

Where has all our fight gone?

Have we forgotten how wars are fought?

Do we only comment through screens anonymously?

Do we only pick on insecurities and tear people apart?

What about the millions that go to bed hungry?

What about the ones that are sold like poultry?

Oh, what a place this world would be,

If we came out on roads to fight for our future.

If for once we fought together,

Caring not for all these man-made borders.

What a beautiful world this would be,

If consent wouldn’t have to be explained,

And love, in all its shapes and forms,

Would be equally appreciated.

What has happened to the fight in us?

Have we forgotten it on our couch?

Or have we lost it in the never-ending conversation

Of grumbles and complaints and a downward spiral

ending up on the government, religion and god?

What a place our world would be,

When we wouldn't have to imagine this anymore.

When we would start fighting our battles,

And not just be helpless prisoners of war.

Author : Durva Shesh

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