Fourteen Princes

The Seven Princes of Heaven And the Seven Princes of Hell Met at the break of dawn on Autumn Equinox.

They descended from the sky and rose from the ground Lightly treading the soil of the Land of Neutrality

They assembled in the open ground between the Temples of Pure and Evil to play their annual game of “Who Shall Control the Land”

They each were to take on their respective counterparts in a duel that would decide who would influence the people

Charity combatted Greed Diligence fought Sloth Humility took on Pride And Chastity battled Lust.

Temperance wrestled Gluttony Kindness sparred with Envy And Patience confronted Wrath Such was the duel of the Princes.

Fourteen Princes seven sets of fights each fighting to establish control over the “Neutral World”

Spears and Swords and Staffs clashed Arcs and Blades and Rods collided Fire and Spells and Horns were used plenty As were Lances and Salt

It was the battle of the immortals Each prince doomed to pain but never death, to tire but to never stop to hurt but to always heal.

It was the battle of the immortals each striving, each hoping that their opponent somehow became mortal.

It was the battle for protection; Protection of the people Protection from the other side Protection from influence

It was the battle of Fourteen Princes doomed to fight once a year.

The annual duel usually ended in a four to three or three to four wins of virtues over sins

The annual duel usually ended with more hurt than triumphant But you see, there is not much that one immortal can do to another

The battle commenced, The Princes attacked. The ground shook, The sky rumbled, The mortal world too felt the effect of the Princes’ fight

Confusion and chaos reigned the worlds, The battle that usually lasted less than a few hours continued for three full days.

It was the fight for balance the fight for truth the fight that would hopefully preserve but only for a year

It was the fight of the fallen and the glorified the fight of prevailing truth and rejected truth the fight of perspectives the fight for justice

The battle of the Princes shook the mortal world For three days the sky thundered For three days the ground spat lava For three days there was chaos

On the fourth day, the mortals sent to the Princes, The bravest of them all; To beg for mercy To plead them to stop

Enraged even by the thought of it, Oblivious and ignorant of the harm they were causing, The Princes continued their battle, It was now a question of their pride and a question of power.

When the battle seemed like it would continue the fifth day in a row, the King of the Underworld and the King of Heaven decided to intervene.

For the first time in four days, the Princes looked away from their opponents as the King of the Underworld and the King of the Heavens Rose and descended onto the battlefield

“Enough is enough” echoed in the battlefield the Princes hung their heads as the Kings stared at them

“There shall be no more battle” thundered the King of the Heavens “We take the responsibility out of your hands” continued the King of the Underworld.

From then on, there was no more battle, The Kings laid the plans for how the mortal world was to function The Princes were stripped of their powers and were, for the century to come, exiled.

Thus ended the Battle of the Princes, Thus ended the balance in the land The Kings there on negotiated for control over the mortal world

But what happened to the Princes? They returned to their abodes and only looked after the mortals; And their battle? Left to the memories; left to the imagination.

Author: Zoyah Virani

Editor: Riya Pote

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