Freedom - a reality or a delusion?

Freedom - a delusion or a reality? We often talk about freedom. We ask for freedom from time to time. But firstly, let’s try to understand what freedom actually is. Freedom can be defined as the power or the right to act, speak or think as one wants. Well, the definition will have to be a little tweaked in today’s day and age.

We ask for freedom from the people who run our country, from the administration, from our parents, society, and more. But are we really getting the freedom we want and deserve? Let’s take the government for instance. We ask them for freedom of speech and then we see people’s jobs being taken away from them for a tweet that they made.

Indeed, we do possess a lot of freedom in some aspects. For example, the internet. There are a few exceptions, of course, but the government cannot stop you from making memes of Donald Trump, or should I say Joe Biden right now?

We all are making conscious decisions every day where we choose to give away our freedom at a lot of instances. But, the question is, is it actually freedom or just a delusion? I’d say we create our own delusion about the reality of freedom.

Writer: Eeshpal Singh

Editor: Ariv Patankar

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