From an ex, to the next

Hey hun! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your days with Mr. Boyfriend. Hope y’all will be a better couple than we ever were. But I do need to make you aware of what has happened before. I do not hate him. I just care about you. The following isn't a hate letter, rather a warning... a warning from an ex to the next because nobody should go through what I did.

He will seem perfect in the beginning. He will say all the right things, bring you flowers when you least expect it, he will do everything you’ve only ever dreamt about. But it won’t last. He will change on a dime, leaving you to wonder what you did to ruin everything. I’m telling you now, you did nothing. He was bound to destroy you from the start.

He will tell you he loves you and when he does your heart will feel fuller than it ever has. There will be days when he makes you feel so loved that you will ignore all the times he's hurt you. Please don’t. When he starts canceling plans at the last minute, leave. When he stops telling you that you mean the world to him, please save your heart from shattering and leave. When he ignores you for hours on end and makes excuses, leave. Save your heart. You deserve better.

This man is going to come into your life and change it in ways I can’t even describe. He will hold you while you cry, but you won’t realise that he is the reason behind those tears. He will say he loves you, but won't show it. I know how good he may seem but please, when you fall in love with him, be smarter than I was and get out before he tears your life into pieces.

~to the girl who loves him next. protect your heart, please~


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