From Peter Parker

Do you ever wonder that maybe there is a world beyond ours, that possibly there are actually many more lives alive and maybe there even is an alternative universe? A universe where everything might be different; a different world, where Tony Stark wouldn't have died, where maybe MJ and I would have been together, and that all wouldn’t have happened. My friends would remember everything, Aunt May would have been alive and I could’ve gone on playdates with Morgan as well. I am glad I met the other Peter Parkers. I know I can start a new life now, but it scares me that all the memories are really gone, forever. That no one remembers what happened.

The fact that I stole Captain America's shield, that once upon a time Tony used to call me his son, (I was so happy that I had a bond with him) and that during a fight like endgame, I was able to introduce myself to Captain Marvel.

In the future, when something happens, will they remember me? I was there too. It already hurts me enough that Mr. Stark died to save me and many others, now they won’t even remember. I can have a new start though. Maybe one day, someone will be back and they will remember that I am spider man.

(Solid act of Mr. stark peter)

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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