Frosty Familiarity

The ceiling fan that once used to whirl at the speed of 5, now rotates leisurely at the speed of 2. You bury yourself under the thickest quilt you could find, and the mere thought of having to shower early in the morning makes shivers run down your spine, literally.

And before you know, it's that time of the year already!

In the words of Robert Frost and countless other poets, winter brings waves of despair and desolation. But hidden in the gloom are innocent giggles and snuggles that are often overlooked.

The joy of slipping into your favourite hoodie on a chilly, Saturday night. Tightly wrapping your fingers around a cup of coffee and drinking it sip by sip as your lips curve into a gentle smile. The heavenly aroma of Gaajar ka Halwa that makes your house feel like home. An unexpected, warm embrace from a loved one that makes you feel safe and sound. Cozy afternoon naps and romantic starry nights. Christmas movie marathons with family and friends, and a sense of gratitude for all those little, sweet moments that make life worth living.

Winter brings waves of despair and desolation, they say. Perhaps it brings waves of love and hope. If only we allowed those peaceful white edges to graze our feet.

Author: Yashika Editor: Anushka Saxena

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