Game of Destiny

We can’t decide our own future but can seek out our own past. Destiny differs from person to person, and my destiny made me change.

Do you want to know what happened? Okay then. Let’s peek into my past. My name was James Bradley. I was an industrialist in New York.

“Daddy, I am back from school.” a boy’s voice would cry out. “Yay, my darling son is back, now we will play together!” I would say. It was part of our routine. Everything was going well, but darkness came into our lives and destroyed everything.

My wife and I separated, and suddenly, she was murdered the next day. I was just removing the knife that had stabbed my beloved wife. But the police force came at that exact moment and I was arrested as the killer of my own beloved wife. I had done nothing but I was still arrested. I did everything to prove myself as innocent. Despite that, I was announced as a mental patient. As a result of this, my company was taken away from me and my son as well. He was sent to an orphanage.

Time went by and fifteen years later, I was still there, living a tortured life. But one day, something strange happened and I saw my son in the mental asylum, as a psychiatrist. I was stunned because he made up some fake papers that stated that my mental state had stabilized and I no longer needed to be institutionalized. I was released from that prison.

But there was still something worse that awaited me.

“Officer, hahah. How does it feel to be imprisoned? I wasn’t innocent. I was the one who created the ‘accident’. Hahaha...I will kill everyone who comes in my path, just as I killed my beloved wife.” I state as I smile at him.

Author: Aakash Dandekar

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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