“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

A garden is the most serene place I can think of to observe the delicate vibrantly coloured flowers, whose touch feels as soft as a feather.

Your eyes fall upon the hardness of the stem running through the centre of a plant and you feel the leaves are ornaments perfectly carved, decorating the magnificent stem. As you walk, you inhale the tropical freshness of the press, your hair making wanton gambles with the wind. You are delighted by the mix of fragrances, and then you seem to escape the sound of nature. Birds chirping, wind rustling in the leaves, the tinkling of the running water from the fountain that is home to the water lilies. Your eyes then fall on the water which moves in a certain manner and when the sun rays fall on it, it looks like glitter is added to the water and somehow your mood is uplifted. Everything around you now seems magical, whether it is just a butterfly sucking the nectar of a flower, or different shaped windchimes creating a magical sound.

Mornings are best started in the gardens. The chirping of the birds is the only good morning one wants to hear and the garden almost seems to purr with pleasure. The morning dew and mist is the perfect combination and immediately transfers one to seventh heaven.

Early morning is seen to give the truest colours to flowers; similarly, mornings show us our true selves, give us the time to reconcile with our thoughts and even plan a day ahead of us. Gardens help us focus on ourselves and nature acts as a mediator that brings you closer to yourself.

Gardens are a perfect escape from the busy noise from the urban areas. They fill you with feelings of happiness. The beauty that I get to see with my eyes transforms me into a most beautiful person. I know it’s a safe place, for society doesn’t indulge in a world of constant change. I find my solace when I walk in my garden, where the sun is always going to shine and Home is once again found.

Author: Tasneem Khambatti

Editor: Prachi Saini

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