“How have you been coping, Emma?”

Dr Beck’s voice echoed as Emma sunk deep into thought.

“Should I confess or not…” Emma said to herself. It’s been 5 months since he left. 5 months since she last saw him. The aim was to forget him, to move on. And there she was, frozen, thinking about him. Again.

“Is there anything you’d like to say, Emma? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” said Dr Beck.

“I think I have, Dr Beck.

I have a confession to make…

Last night… I saw Sam!”

Emma sunk back into the couch and closed her eyes as she reminisced over last night.

His voice was like an injection, piercing her skin with Botox, her face so saturated that she couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t even blink!

She couldn’t believe her own eyes. There he was, standing in front of her, better than ever, translucent as her thoughts. She felt his emerald green eyes pierce through her heart and she couldn’t help it as the words she had always dreaded escaped her mouth. “Sam, is it really you?”

It felt different as his name left her lips. It was a name so familiar yet so ancient. She hadn’t uttered his name for a while. It hurt to remember, but she couldn’t control herself.

He smiled from a distance as he came closer and said, “I’ve missed you”

Oh, how it hurt to hear those beautiful words tumble out of his mouth. She felt her eyes grow heavy with emotion as one delicate tear rolled down her face, staining her cheek. She slowly raised her right hand, moving it closer to him. She paused, only for a moment, to admire his handsome face.

Her hand was just half an inch away from his skin when she felt a sharp breeze glide past her, stealing Sam away from her. There he was, just a moment ago, now gone with the wind.

“No!” she bitterly exclaimed with all her might, only to realize he was no longer a reality, only a Ghost.

Author: Shanaya Vaz

Editor: Hirday Lakhwani

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