The ramblings of the mind,

Unintelligible, in the midst of terror.

The ink stains on my butter fingertips.

Inflamed me in their defiance.

Where was the fountain of words to be found?

Where was its almighty cry?

Where was its grieving torrent?

I asked for it to speak.

I asked for a silence upon this lunacy.

This erratic, ecstatic, exuberance of emotion.

You had me, soft.

You held my tears in your holy cup.

You filled my fountain of eternal youth.

I laughed.


A Nero in her burning Rome.

I could smell the sweet melody of your burning flesh.

Your crematorial ashes bathing my shredded body.

Reminiscent of the gravelled path we strode together

As you enveloped my innocence in your love.


The sparkling water of heavens.

The crystal tears of my eyes.

They shed their blood for you.

The heavens called to you.


-Debolina Bhattacharyya


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