Gupta Aunty Can You Just Take a Chill?


(Disclaimer:- No Gupta Aunties were harmed in the making of this poem….. except a few in my head.)

I was seven back then,

When her eyes first met mine.

Back then I was innocent; I was benign;

Just her type of prey, now I’d say,

For her ways got better every passing day.

Judging people up and down,

Turning smiles into a frown.

But after all these years I’ve grown,

Moulding ignorance into a skill,

I just want to ask her one thing-

Gupta Aunty, can you just take a chill?

The length of my shorts,

Is not to be a subject of your thoughts.

The blue highlights in my hair,

Did nothing to deserve your glare.

Whether my skin is dark or fair;

Is something you’ve never had the right to declare.

Am I too skinny or too fat;

There was no need to comment on that right off the bat.

Being too short or too tall in my prime;

You always treated that like a crime.

Feasting on vulnerability, you always went for the kill;

Gupta Aunty, can you just take a chill?

“Respect your elders,” they say

But the way you’ve treated people

I just know there’s no way.

For someone that always had lipstick on her teeth,

About my makeup, you sure had a lot to speak.

You loved ridiculing my career plans;

Remind me again,

How is it that you ended up between pots and pans?

Being a failed dentist; barely making ends meet;

Maybe your son’s new habits are best kept discreet.

I heard your daughter failed that test again

But keeping count of my male friends,

Hey aunty, is that a new trend?

If degradation is how you play,

Believe me this street is two way

But stooping so low isn't my kind of thrill, so-

Gupta Aunty, can you just take a chill?

I don't hate you; I just mourn.

Maybe it’s the high school phase, you've not yet outgrown.

The truth is, your words hurt

Even more than the situation of my growth spurt.

Your glance; It terrifies

Because it’s my insecurities they verify.

I vowed back then, not to care

But it's rather been more of a dare.

Asking you to stop; this is long time due

For I know at some point, you've been through this too.

Don't make anxious kids pop pills;

This exacting behaviour is not a drill.

Our growing bodies could really do with your cookies;

A compliment or two wouldn't hurt us rookies.

But even if you don't change,

Throughout these years, I've grown

Instead of wishing you any ill,

I’d rather say-

“Gupta Aunty, can you just take a chill?”


Author ~ Anushka Bamnikar

Editor ~ Anubhi

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