Happiness = Food

Anu: Amiiii, listen let’s go and eat some pani puris na.

Ami: I’ll come only if we don’t stop for pani puris at the chaat counter!

Anu: Yes yes, 100%, we can go and pick up gulab jamun also from Haldirams. Oh, they are like yummy bite-sized balls of happiness!

Ami: Okay, let's get going before the samosas at Ramu kaka’s dhaba turn cold Anu. And even those jalebis, oh my god, those freshly made jalebis!

Anu: Ami, there’s only one issue. There isn’t any petrol in the car.

Amu: Wow, aren’t you supposed to be the one with a driver’s license?! Anu, having a driver's license also means that you’re responsible for the car, petrol, insurance- EVERYTHING!

Anu: Amiii, don’t scold me right now, I’m hungry. Have pity.

Ami: Okay, anyway, let’s take a cab? Yaa ghar pe Maggi khayein?

Anu: Zommaaatoooo!! I mean I have discount coupons, it’s budget-friendly and I’m not at all lazy. I’m responsible and mature, you know.

Ami: Yes yes, spending half of your earnings on food is responsible and mature.

Anu: You are one to talk. Spending money on clothes and jewellery is very responsible, isn’t it?

Ami: Uff shush. Chalo ab kahan se order karein?

Anu: The whole city, side wale bhaiya ki aloo chaat se to the dhai baale of Chandni Chowk!

Ami: Waah, and the money to pay for it all?

Anu: Who cares?

Ami: No, seriously. You know that our parents aren’t going to pay for this right?

Anu: Thanks for reminding me of the harsh reality, hey but at least one can dream about swimming in the pool of rasmalai and rasgullas !

Ami: Haan yaar sachhi, that is happiness. Just being surrounded by food is true happiness.

Anu: Toh kal chaat khane jayein? Salary kal aa jayegi:)

Ami: Deal!

Anu: (Gets lost in the palace of food)

Authors: Amrita Pillai and Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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