Happy Again

There she was. Laughing with all her heart. Her eyes shining like the stars above our heads. She looked so breathtaking in that moment that even the moon must have been jealous of her beauty. Her carefree laughter echoed through the night, surrounding us like a warm, cozy blanket.

After she had controlled her laughter, she started talking about the moon and the stars and how much she loved watching them. It was her favourite thing to do. If she was ever worried, tired or bored out of her mind, she would just stare up in the clouds for a few minutes and get lost in a world that only she knew because she was the creator of it. She liked to call it the ‘promised land’. I remember asking her, "Why ‘promised land’?" “I decided to call it that because I like to think that once we die, we travel up to the sky and take the form of a star or a planet, and each one will be unique because the colours that it will have, will resemble our personality when we were alive. I know it might sound like absolute poppycock to some people and they will say that it makes no sense but honestly, I don’t care. It makes me happy and if something makes you happy, it doesn’t always have to make sense.” She had answered with a genuine smile.

She then turned her head to the side with a small smile and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Only this reply didn’t come out of my mouth. It came out of the mouth of her new husband.

There were a lot of ways that I felt about this. It hurt to see that she had found someone new to love and that I might be less than a memory in a few years, but the feeling that overwhelmed me the most was happiness.

Happy, that she had finally found someone to love with her heart and happy, that she found her smile that I loved with all my heart.

I knew that he wasn’t my replacement, no, he was like the sunshine after the storm that my love was.

“I love you forever,” I said, and even though she couldn’t hear it, I knew she knew this. As if she could hear me, she snapped her head in my direction, like she somehow felt my presence. I smiled. And so did she, even if it was a small one now, she smiled too.

I started backing away, “Guess I will next see you in the promised land, love.”

And as I looked into her warm, dark brown eyes one last time and noticed that instead of having my reflection in there, it was the reflection of her new partner, and that she was truly happy again, I realized my purpose to live has faded and I too, must fade away with it.

As I faded away, leaving this old world behind me, her smile guided me on to my new life, but I will never forget about her.

Author: Asmi Pawar

Editor: Anika Priyaranjan

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