Her Dreams

She dreams.

About a lot of things

Big, small or nothing at all;

What actually are dreams?

She wonders.

And although the concept of dreams is still unclear, she likes them.

She likes how she can be the knight in shining armour one moment,

and a fluttering butterfly the next.

They give her a sense of peace,

After all, dreams are places you can be whoever and whatever you want to.

So, she dreams.

She dreams of soaring through the magnificent ocean and swimming in the spectacle we call the sky.

She dreams of becoming a star and shining brighter than anyone.

She dreams because she knows that this beautiful place will no longer exist once she wakes up.

And so, no matter what her reality is,

she goes to sleep with a smile,

awaiting a new world every night.

Author: Vasundhara Khare

Editor: Srushti Saware

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