Here At Woodstock

Updated: Oct 1, 2020



Sacred tunes,

White flags up in fumes,

Hendrix is playing,

Follow me through this portal, we're escaping.

Hippies in colours I’ve never known,

Seeing the world in colours I’ve never known;

Hands in the air,

We live to care;

I brought your camera along,

So it'd feel like you're here.

Just 18, and they gave you a gun;

Treated you like a pawn, not like somebody's son;

Made you fight a war,

That wasn't yours;

Loyalty shouldn't be so fatal.

Everything they touch turns into gold,

Mama misses you, this loss can never grow old.

The ones at the top, they don't give a fuck;

They've used your honour to get more bucks.

Everybody's swaying to the point of nirvana,

Leaving behind all the prima donnas.

But I can't leave behind the screams of children;

When the lethal bombs explode, and they can't run;

The sun won't rise for them ever again

Because man wants to beard the lion in his den.

The radio blares,

The same news everyday;

How can I talk to you?

How can I ask you if you're okay?

I know your integrity made it all worth it;

All we have left of you, are tales of your grit.

Transcending, the crowd is transcending,

Free falling, catapulting, while the rain is pouring;

Ecstasy, but the only thing we can see,

Is a world where there'll just be peace.

Where the nights of innocent families aren't marked by fires and heartbreak,

And winning a war isn't a reason to celebrate.

Where love is the only thing that binds us,

And money and wealth is superfluous.

Where you and the people you fought, would still see the break of dawn,

And you'd still be here beside me, tripping on the lawn.

Walking to your grave,

Heaven knows you're brave,

You deserved flowers

Not hand grenades.

Human misery,

Is human-made.

Arrest us, officers! we've killed our kin.

Time to uncover the truth within the battles that we've been fighting;

And the beasts we've been inciting.

Try us, universe! in your court of justice;

Give us what we deserve;

For our cowardly robustness.

The ending note,

Brings tears in my eyes.

I grab my coat,

Say my goodbyes.

Here at woodstock,

I sought for new eyes.

Here at woodstock,

You were alive.

Author ~ Gayathri Nair

Editor ~ Krisha Raut

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