His confession

Sitting on the bench near the fountain in the middle of the park, a slow breeze blew and ruffled his hair. The reason he was here was that he was waiting for someone. The someone being his best friend/ crush. He got a call earlier from him to meet him at the spot he was at, at 4:15. He said that they had something important to say. Being himself, he reached there 10 minutes earlier than expected. He had been waiting here for the past 5 minutes, which felt like 5 hours to him. After a minute or so, he saw the person he was waiting for. He recognized him from a distance. He was buying flowers, looking ever so ethereal. He was waiting patiently. He seemed patient on the outside but his insides were churning with butterflies the second he saw his shadow. After watching him for a few seconds, the man turned his head towards the fountain and saw him staring at him. As soon as he caught him staring, the male turned his head sideways, trying hard to hide his blushing face. Reaching near the fountain, the other fellow looked at him and was trying to form words from afar. “James...” “Christian…” James was still sitting on the bench while Christian was standing in front of him. “I wanted to tell you something…” Christian started the conversation. “I have been hiding this for a long time now. Look, I don’t want you to think of me like some creep-

“What are you talking about- you are my best friend for a reason.” James said.

“About that…I-I want to break this friendship. The reason being……” Christian gathered his confidence, inhaling a huge breath, and continued, “I like you more than just friends. I like you as a man. Heck, like is an understatement. I love you. The day we first met; I didn’t think that I’ll think of you that way. I still remember our interaction. You were sitting in the library. Looking as beautiful as ever. Those round glasses at your nose bridge, your curly hair which was making you look so cute - I wanted to ruffle it so badly. You were reading your book, English literature, preparing for your upcoming exams. That day, I gathered my courage and sat beside you. I was new back then. Scared of what people might think. But then an angel, like you came here…” He pointed at his heart, and continued “James….I’m falling short of words. I prepared a huge speech. I’ve been practicing it for days now. But look where I am, stuttering when I’m in front of you.” They giggled slightly in the end. James was amused by what the male in front of him was saying. “I know you don’t feel the same way towards me. But please don’t hate me, James. I don’t want this friendship to break just because of a confession-” He was cut off yet again.

But this time, it was not words, it was his lover’s soft, sweet and delicate lips. He kissed him, and while Christian was trying to process what happened, James pulled him closer. Christian soon melted and there they were, kissing each other in the middle of the park. After a minute or so, none of them moving their lips and kissing each other, they pulled away. James’ hands were on Christian’s neck and Christian’s on James’s waist. “Dumbass, why would you think of me that way? Do I look paranoid to you? That I will break my friendship over something that I wanted for so long?” “What do you mean?” Christian asked.

“You know the literal definition of a dumb and idiotic person is you, Christian.” Jame giggled which made Christian’s heart skip a beat. “What I mean is that I like you too baby, for a long time now. I had been eagerly waiting for this day to come.” “So….”

“So what?”

“What are we now?”

“Well, you haven’t asked me to be your boyfriend yet.” He chuckled at the end, “So James Goldstein, will you be my boyfriend and make me the luckiest person alive?”

“I’m the luckiest person alive to have YOU, FYI, and-” he pecks his lips. “Do you get your answer now?”

“I’ll take that as a yes, okay?” He pulled him even closer to himself and gave a chaste kiss on his lips. “So baby, are we gonna stay here or take this somewhere else?”

“Mhm, let’s go hang out somewhere else, where it’s only us and none else.” They giggled together. “Let’s go now?” “Mhm.”

They linked their hands and welcomed a new chapter in their lives.

Author: Mahima Agarwal

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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