You promised me forever and more,

With that look in your eyes that made me believe.

You were here through all the times sour,

And filtered all the melancholy out of my life like a sieve.

I should have known nothing lasts forever,

Cause you walked out on me.

Forgetting all the fun we had together,

But I miss you everyday, can’t you see?

My friends tell me you are my past,

Guess I should move on, like you did.

I wanted you to be my last,

But like the grains of sand from cupped hands you slid.

Everytime I try to move on,

You face pops up in my mind,

But then I remember your promises were just a con,

And you and my ex were of the same kind.

You are my past,

Then why is it so hard to let go?

It’s all such a haze because it happened so fast.

But I’m learning to take life with the flow.

The last time I saw you was in “our place”,

You’d worn my favourite black shirt,

Never going to forget that last look on your face,

I’m sorry for all the bad times, but I won’t apologise for being hurt.

You hugged me so tight that day,

I only want to come back to you,

And hear those eight letters you say,

But to stay back you gave me reasons few.

You hurt me like no one else could,

I loved you more than anyone else in the whole wide world,

And I shouldn’t have to apologise for being hurt, you should.

But you left into this mess me hurled.

But you’re my past,

You’re my history,

So you aren’t my last,

And I’ve moved on, so now it’s victory.

Author: Adira

Editor: Khushi Bansal

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