History Said, We Were Best Friends


"Meet me at 3,

we'll run away".

Since those words,

my life has never been the same.

Cold air, honey eyes,

the precious smile,

that warms up the night.

You're humming in the shower,

Making every morning seem like a Sunday,

And my precious flower, you have the power

To make the flaming sun seem mundane.

Ink washes off,

So I'll immortalize us in stone.

I'll paint a portrait of you,

And hang it in our loft.

The flowers that you got,

I'll put them in a vase.

I can't wait for you to come home to my arms,

Yellow flowers would look so pretty,

In your rain- drenched, curly hair.

You remind me of sunflower fields and old-town fairs.

My sun of the night,

pure heaven's delight,

you can hold my hand,

take me anywhere.

It's been a few years now,

And we’re still snuggled in this armchair.

Losing myself in you, and finding myself in the process.

While painting stars on our walls,

And drinking up all the sunsets.

I found God in the way you talk,

In the way you hold my hand when we walk.

In the way you laugh when i stand on tiptoes to reach you,

And in the way that you live like love is the only thing humans can do.

December was when i pretended to know about ceramics,

so i could get to spend more time with you.

Look at us now, you're playing the piano- our favourite classics

Drunk in the hall, pouring wine into our glasses.

Two weeks new,

From our latest rendezvous,

From the vintage store next to the

little french bakery that sells the best tiramisu.

Hidden letters,

Open confessions.

Every second with her,

Makes me want to be better.

A holy night,

was when i met her.

So bedazzled,

the day I saw her fight with the bartender.

A 6 month pattern

Of witty banter,

Until I said, "Come with me to watch the lanterns?"

You're my muse,

Your words are all the clues

To what we're all here to do.

I'm so terrified

That my fate is that of orpheus.

Destined to lose eurydice, promise it won't be us?

I don't want to look behind,

And see you dissipate from my sight.

But you're here beside me,

In all your wondrous glory,

With your electric guitar,

And all your stories.

You talk to me with words,

You talk to me with your touch.

And now it's the only language

that i understand.

"She's your best friend",

That's what they said.

Clementine queen, my citrus rush,

I'm your white knight, when it comes to us.

You're the only language i understand,

You're my best friend,

That's what they said.


Author ~ Gayathri Nair

Editor ~ Debolina Bhattacharyya

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