Hope a little

Pain. So eternally consuming.

She was always told to never give up, to always keep going no matter how adverse the situation might get, and most importantly, to not lose hope.

But how could she keep going? How could she escape if there was no possible way out? (or maybe that's just what she thought at that moment).

Her pace quickened with every step, causing her to soon sprint through the formidable and isolated forest. The running made her fall multiple times, nevertheless, she picked herself up each and every time. She soon couldn't feel her legs and her whole body went numb. The weather too, was clearly not on her side that day. Nimbostratus dark grey clouds appeared ever so suddenly in the sky and the aggressive wind brushed past her face, making her shiver from head to toe. She knew that a storm was brewing but she kept going, because at the end of the day; all she could do was hope. There came a point where she did want to give up, her legs even gave way, but it was that inner voice that kept her going, encouraging her that she would get out of this place sooner or later. "I will get out of here." She kept encouraging herself and repeating the sentence in her head again and again.

"What happened next, granny?" The little child was compelled by the story her grandmother was telling her. She had a curious glint in her eyes.

"She made it out eventually. She was a strong believer of hope, and it helped her. It's like passing through a tunnel, we’re usually so consumed by the darkness that we tend to forget about the tiny yet important lights. These lights symbolize hope. And the girl depended on those lights to get out. If you're in an incredibly difficult situation, the only thing I would like to tell you is, hope a little."

Author: Krishna Malkani

Editor: Himanshi Mehta

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